Get Involved: New Ostomy Pouch Design Project with Ostique Ltd.

We’re looking for young people who use Ostomy pouches to get involved in our latest project with Ostique Ltd.

This year at RAiISE, we’re keen to get to work on making sure that children and young people’s voices are heard throughout healthcare. That’s why we were so excited when the wonderful team at Ostique got in touch to work with us. They are a new and exciting company who are trying to change the lives of young people with ostomy pouches through beautiful, new designs and appliances.

The Project

Ostique have been hard at work using their design expertise to develop innovative new ostomy appliances. Their exciting designs aim to make ostomy pouches easier to use and manage. They aim to make them stronger and less likely to leak and with a range of cool and exciting designs to choose from. They hope that through making ostomy pouches more attractive, comfortable and functional, they will be able to improve the day to day lives of each and every young person living with an ostomy pouch.      

How Will It Involve Young People?

Ostique want to make sure that the voices of young people are heard throughout the design of their products. In order to make the best products possible, they need input from the people they are designing for! This is where we at RAiISE come in.

Over the next few months, Ostique will be developing  their products and want the input of children and young people with ostomy bags along each step of the way. To do this, we will be helping them by hosting three workshops. You will have the chance to see the products, give your opinions and have your say on what is being created, as well as meet other young people with similar experiences.

Sounds great! How can I get involved?

If you would like to be involved and have your say on these exciting new products, we’re hosting an informal introductory meeting on Thursday 18th of March 6.30pm-7.30pm via Zoom.  It will be a great chance for you to hear more about the project, meet the Ostique and RAiISE teams and see how you could get involved throughout the year!

We would love to hear from as many children and young people with ostomy pouches as possible, to hear a variety of voices and opinions. If you would like to come along to our introductory meeting, or would just like a bit more information please get in touch with Sophie at

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