invisible illness in school

Living with an invisible illness in school

RAiISE Founder and CEO, Sophie Ainsworth, teamed up with Fixers in 2018 to make a film showing how it feels to have an illness that people can’t see or don’t understand.

Here’s what Sophie said to Fixers:

I want to raise awareness about living with an invisible illness after being diagnosed with lupus when I was 15 years old. There are many illnesses that people can’t see, including mental health issues, diabetes and epilepsy, but sometimes other people don’t realise someone is living with a serious condition.

I struggled with support from my teachers when I was at school. I was in and out of hospital and they thought I was skipping school and becoming a lazy student – this was not the case at all.

I have made a film to help raise the profile of invisible illnesses – please help me share it!

Take a look at Fixers blog post, titled ‘See my illness‘, where Sophie goes into more detail about her experiences. You can also check out all of the resources available on the Fixers website here.

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